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Few reasons why is CRM important to your restaurant?

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So what exactly is CRM or Customer Relationship Management? It is the strategy or practice of building and improving business relationship with the customers of a business and using various tools to collect and analyze relevant data from customer interactions and using them to improve the customer experience and thus attaining a better positioning in the customer’s mind. The ultimate aim being customer retention and driving sales growth.

But what are the most trusted channels to collect validated data from the various points of contact between your customer and your restaurant? Find out in the following paragraphs.

Using Social Media: This channel has now become the foremost tool to glean interesting facts about your customers. You can track their social profiles, take note of their preferences and choices and most importantly get into a two-way communication where the customer can also express his views on a real-time basis.

Your restaurant website: It is imperative in today’s digital age to have your own website as well as web pages on various social media sites. Through your interactions with the customers and also getting valuable feedback from them, you can form opinions about their choices and also plan accordingly.

Various customer communities: Here the customers interact with each other and also with the restaurant brand. They review their experiences and since most of these communities are hosted by third party websites, the credibility factor is also very high. Also a positive word of mouth can help you to attract new customers.

Live Chat: This is very important as this would entail that the staff and management be trained in social skills and etiquette properly so that they can get feedback from the dinners. You can also arrange webinars for your customers.

Phone/Email marketing: Keep announcing special offers on the phone to your customers; mail them offers from time to time. This creates the impression that you are showering special attention on that particular customer.

Marketing and POS material: Declaring offers, contests, special menu, how your restaurant takes orders and delivers stuff at their doorsteps, how much interest the new fliers, ad materials generate; all these help to create a customer perception. Ensure that you place them in such locations where they can be easily spotted and can somehow touch the lives of your customers.

Blogs and web content: Most restaurants maintain their own blogs. They keep producing new content targeted to their customers. If the blog becomes popular, it is expected that the readers would make comments or share interesting posts and create awareness. A lot of useful data can be collected from such a free-flowing discussion as well. So if you are dead serious about improving the relationship with your customers or turning prospective customers into loyal patrons, adopt a standard CRM policy and you will soon see the positive results.

by Neha | 23 Oct 2016

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