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The Menu – It can make or break your restaurant

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Your restaurant's menu is not only some food items placed in the menu card with pictures. It is definitely something more than just a list of dishes. A good restaurant menu indirectly adds to the promotional strategy of a brand. It act's a gateway to your client's heart which leads to building a strong loyal relationship between your restaurant and the patrons.

Without beating the bush much, let's discuss in brief, how and on which key factor's a restaurant can create a perfect menu, which perfectly serves the need of its customer's.

i) Type or category of the restaurant - With people's interest in food soaring high with each passing day, different types of restaurant's are coming up with unique trends, so as to excite and impress the client and give them a very homely touch. If the restaurant is inside a hotel, the menu should largely depend on the category of the hotel. If the hotel belongs to boutique category, then the menu should be based on the theme of the restaurant it has. In case of a business class hotel, the menu should be made, keeping in mind the corporate class it caters to. Then, there can be specialty restaurants, where diet food or healthy food items are available. Then there can be a all day dining restaurant, where you as an owner will not put any fixed time for serving the main course items. So, it is quite evident that a menu will act as a first impression maker for your customer.

ii) Cuisine - People visit a restaurant for good food, nice ambiance and quality service. All the 3 factors, makes a deadly combination to win your client's back and ensuring that they are visiting your place. As an owner, it requires thorough research to get set on a particular cuisine. Ideally, the best way is to check the surrounding culture and the taste of food people gorge on in that particular area. Moreover, the dominance of vegetarian or non-vegetarian preference in a particular area also acts a deciding factor for setting up a menu, worthy for it's customer's.

iii) Pricing - Acceptability of a food item, largely depends on the pricing of it. It depends on the affordability as well whether the food item suites his/her taste buds. Patrons fail to give this area proper care, assuming it to be a very trivial point to notice.

iv) Innovation on food - This decade has witnessed a very strong revolution on the food quarter. With this revolution, chef's are preparing unique dishes with newer techniques and ingredients for food enthusiasts. With this, came the idea of ‘taste food'. These are the same food which we have relished in our childhood, may be in some guest's place or may be made by our own mother's.

To conclude, your menu is the key tool for marketing your restaurant. With the advancement of technology and hordes of websites, featuring restaurants, the presence of your restaurant with a menu to die for, can surely score over the other competition. So, it's time to act and stay ahead.

by Roshni Gupta | 23 Aug 2016

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